Building and deploying an NLP model to AWS Lambda and Vercel

Deploying the NLP Model

Choosing the Right Cloud Provider

Building the API Endpoint

Deploying to AWS Lambda

$ pip install zappa
$ zappa init
zappa deploy production

Building the Frontend Interface

Deploying the Frontend Web-App

npm i -g vercel
export FLASK_ENV=development
? Set up and deploy “~/Desktop/username/moviebot-vercel”? [Y/n] y
? Which scope do you want to deploy to? username
? Link to existing project? [y/N] n
? What’s your project’s name? venv
? In which directory is your code located? ./
> Upload [====================] 98% 0.0sNo framework detected. Default Project Settings:
- Build Command: `npm run vercel-build` or `npm run build`
- Output Directory: `public` if it exists, or `.`
- Development Command: None
? Want to override the settings? [y/N] n
vercel --prod




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