In this three-part series, we will teach you everything you need to build and deploy your own Chatbot. This is the second part of the series, where the rest of the series will cover the following topics:

We use a Jupyter Python 3 notebook as a collaborative coding environment for this project, and other bits of code for the…

One Word Domains 2.0 is finally live!

Our Progress So Far

After a successful Product Hunt launch and a feature on the front page of Hacker News, One Word Domains has had over 25K visitors from 158 countries, sold 136 domains, and amassed 414 newsletter subscribers — all within the span of a month!

During this time, I’ve received countless feature requests, bug reports, and TLD requests, which prompted me to dig deep and figure out ways to improve the site. After 2 weeks of hacking, I’m proud to finally release v2.0 of One Word Domains.

What’s New In One Word Domains 2.0

1. Featured Listings ✨

Steven Tey

Data scientist who likes building products | Data Science @MinervaSchools | Currently building

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